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Preparations for the implementation of RWTHonline take place in seven sub-projects and four coordination projects. The sub-projects are mutually coordinated by TU Graz and RWTH Aachen, whereas the coordination projects are purely internal RWTH projects. The following outline of the sub-projects only takes RWTH Aachen's employees into consideration.

The Sub-Projects


The sub-project Basic-IT, BIT for short, deals with the reconception of the system landscape in campus management and the acquisition and set up of the hardware and database systems. It ensures the operability of the system components named and prepares operational support. The BIT sub-project is led by Dörte Rosendahl in the IT Center.

Basic Resources

The sub-project Basic Resources, BAR for short, handles the organizational meta-model, the provision of room and personal data, the main concept of rights, and bundeling them into roles. The BAR sub-project is led by Stefan Krieger in the IT Center.

Application and Admissions Management

In the Application and Admissions Management sub-project, BEW for short, focus is placed on the application and admissions process for open admission and restricted admission Bachelor and Master's courses of study. The BEW sub-project is coordinated by the deputy head of the Registrar's Office, Britta Jansen. In these cases, Dominik Frantzen in the division Admissions and Social Affairs is responsible for applications from and the admission of non-EU or EEA applicants.

Student and Fee Management

In the Student and Fee Management sub-project or SUG, different aspects of student administration, such as enrollment, re-enrollment, semesters of leave, and master data management, and fee administration are at the focus. The SUG sub-project is led by the head of the Registrar's Office, Torsten Dickmeis.

Examination Regulations and Curricula

The sub-project Examination Regulations and Curricula, POC, is dedicated towards modeling examination regulations and regular study plans, the administrtion of versions of examination regulations, and module administration. The POC sub-project is headed by Dr. Katja Petzoldt from the Division 1.5 – Examination and Statutory Law.

Course and Classroom Management

The Course and Classroom Management sub-project, VLM for short, deals with course planning, the administration of room bookings, and the provision of registration processes for courses including semester planning. The VLM sub-project is coordinated by Martina Dahm in the dean's office in Faculty 6.

Exam Management

In the Exam Management or PRM sub-project, the focus is on the planning and adminstration of exams, including registration and admission to exams, grading and grade entry, and issuing certificates and transcripts. The PRM sub-project is headed by Tanja Krause from the Central Examination Office.

Representatives from the faculties, students, staff councils, and the PuL team work together with employees at the IT Center and in the administration in the sub-projects named. An overview of the working group members is available in the PuL-Project sharepoint area with limited access.

Coordination Projects

Data Migration, Cross-Sections, and Integration

The coordination project Data Migration, Cross-Sections, and Integration or DSI comprehensively deals with the integration RWTHonline into the existing IT infrastructure and the cross-sections with the neighboring systems. It also prepares the migration of the available data from the current systems into the new RWTHonline system and agrees on the execution of the migration everywhere. This sub-project is headed by Sven Ritzerfeld from the PuL-Team.


The coordination project Reporting or BER takes care of the comprehensive reporting that is built on RWTHonline and initiates the intensive internal university agreements on this topic. The sub-project is headed by Isabella Florea from PuL-Team.

Quality Assurance and Acceptance

All tasks surrounding the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the software test are completed within the Quality Assurance and Acceptance, QSA, sub-project. The tests after each implementation phase and after the entire implementation results in the acceptance of all of the system components and the system as a whole. This sub-project is headed by Marcel Lämmerhirt in the PuL-Team.

Documentation and Training

The coordination project Documentation and Training, DOS for short, ensures the creation of process and software documentation and of training materials. Within the framework of this project, RWTHonline training sessions are prepared, coordinated, and conducted. This sub-project is being led by Laura Neisius from the PuL-Team.


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