Urban Design Colloquium Winter 2018/19


The new „Urban Design Colloquium“ lecture series hosted by the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Architecture aims to stimulate academic discourse about the societal, economic and technological changes currently taking place and what effect these changes have on single urban quarters, on cities, and the entire region.

The first presentation in the 2018 winter semester deals with the interrelationship between city and region. Growth and negative growth sometimes occur at the same time. For instance, many cities are lacking housing space whereas the surrounding regions are left with too many houses that stand empty. A lack of coordinated effort in housing and economic development promotes further movement of people to the cities. That is why intercommunal partnerships are needed in order to establish the right balance between different development dynamics.

Even though city development has always been related to regional development and vice versa, the debate surounding "regional urban design" and a downright "regionalization of city development" is gaining traction. This is apparent not only in the numerous Stadtumlandverbünde, or suburban networks, and the REGIONALEN in North-Rhine Westphalia, but also in the agglomeration concepts that are emerging as innovative new formats.

The Urban Design Colloquium aims to spotlight the opportunities and the potential that can be generated by an alliance between city and region. What knowledge can be gained from best practice projects in Germany and abroad? What are the planning and urban design concepts both required and facilitated by regional standards? How can both city and region benefit from an alliance? Is the city’s future to be found in the region?

All these questions are even more important to ask for a region such as the district of Aachen, which, due to its structure, is already laid out for regional thinking and acting, but which nevertheless shows deficits especially in the area of regional urban development.


  • RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Architecture, Chair and Institute for urban planning
  • Netzwerk Innenstadt NRW
  • ILS Institut für Landes- und Stadtentwicklungsforschung gGmbH, Dortmund/ Aachen
  • Förderverein aachen_fenster – raum für bauen und kultur e.V.

with support from

  • Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional- und Landesplanung e.V. www.srl.de
  • Informationskreis für Raumplanung e.V.

Each lecture in the series is accepted by the Architektenkammer NRW as equivalent to two credit hours of continuing education in the specializations of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning for members of the chamber. All information is subject to change.