Research projects

Project Title
CRC/Transregio 129 Oxyflame DFG Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 129: Oxyflame
DFG CRC Transregio 129 Oxyflame - Subproject A1 Experimental investigation of pyrolysis and char burnout kinetics in a Well-Stirred-Reactor under flame and burn-out conditions
DFG CRC Transregio 129 Oxyflame - Subproject C1 Experimental investigation of a pulverized coal burning process to validate numerical models
DFG CRC Transregio 129 Oxyflame - Subproject C4 Modelling of radiative properties of particles in pulverized coal flames during oxy-fuel-combustion
DFG SFB Transregio 96 DFG SFB Transregio 96: Project Thermo-Energetic Design of Machine Tools
DFG EXC 236 TMFB DFG EXC 236: Tailor Made Fuels from Biomass
DFG EXC 236 TMFB - Subproject B2-4 Fundamental Investigation of Fuel Spray Atomization
DFG EXC 236 TMFB - Subproject B2-5 Combined Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Spray Propagation and Mixture Formation of Tailor-Made Fuels under Engine-Relevant Conditions
DFG Graduiertenkolleg E-Mobility MobilEM Integrated Energy Supply Modules for Roadbound E-Mobility
DFG Research Training Group Elektromobilitšt MobilEM Optimized cooling concepts of high-performance Li-ion storage
DFG Research Training Group Elektromobilitšt MobilEM Investigation of single- and multiphase cooling systems for compact power electronic modules
DFG SPP 1480 CutSim Development of a Model for Calculating and Compensation of thermo-elastic Profile Defects and dimensional Errors in dry Machining
BMBF HVIGasTech Helmoltz Virtual Institute for Gasification Technology
DFG 3D two- and three-dimensional wavy liquid films Investigation of the development and the stability of two- and three-dimensional wavy liquid films under the presence of thermocapillary and electro-magnetic forces
Jara Start - Boundary Layer Profiles Measuring of boundary layers for the determination of natural convection losses in solar towers
ERS Seed Fund OPSF 031 - light field photography Three-dimensional measurement of flow fields in glaciology and urban climatology by means of light field photography
HITEC light field photography Measurement of three-dimensional convective flows by digital light field photography
RWTH Project House ACA Center for Automotive Catalytic Systems Aachen
BMBF Optiox Optimization of sulfite oxidation kinetics in seawater desulfurization technology for fossil power plants due to efficient aeration
ERS Seed Fund OPSF365 - CellSpray Spray Application for Cell Therapy inside hollow organs

Here you can find the list of our completed research projects.