Atomization processes


Manuel Reddemann


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Atomization processes are widely used whenever liquids must be rapidly evaporated, efficiently burned or homogeneously coated. Atomization is essentially needed for realization and optimization of manifold technical applications (humidifiers, drying plants, internal combustion engines, turbines, printers, painting systems etc.)

During atomization, liquid is entering the ambience through a suitable nozzle at sufficiently high injection pressures and breakup into a swarm of small ligaments and droplets – so-called sprays. Since spray droplets are characterized by large surface-area-to-volume-ratios and interact with each other and the surrounding gas, a significant increase of momentum-, heat- and mass-transfer processes is possible.

The complexity and relevance of sprays is considered by a particular research group “Atomization and Sprays” at the WSA. This group focuses on a scientific analysis of sub-processes and physical mechanisms, which are relevant for development and propagation of sprays. In this context, different complementary macroscopic and microscopic methods are used.