Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt. Ing.

E. Michael Burghold

Michael Burghold
Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer


Building: 1225

Room: 104

Augustinerbach 6

52056 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 97529
Fax: +49 241 80 92143

Functions and competences

Office Hours

To the office hours.

Personal competences

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Matlab based experiment and image evaluation

Fields of applied research

  • Engine Technology
  • Process and Production Technology



Title Author(s)
Transient Contact Heat Transfer Measurements Based on High-Speed IR-Thermography
Journal Article (2017)
Burghold, E. Michael
Frekers, Yona Henrik
Kneer, Reinhold
Determination and Modelling of Heat Transfer Mechanisms Acting Among Machine Tool Components
Contribution to a book (2015)
Vieler, Sarah
Frekers, Yona
Burghold, Michael
Kneer, Reinhold
Determination of time-dependent thermal contact conductance through IR-thermography
Journal Article (2015)
Burghold, E. Michael
Frekers, Y.
Kneer, R.
Time-Dependent Thermal Contact Conductance
Conference Presentation (2015)
Burghold, E. Michael
Experimental Investigation of the Work Piece Temperatures in Dry Orthogonal Metal Turning
Contribution to a conference proceedings, Contribution to a book (2014)
Deppermann, Marc
Puls, Hendrik
Burghold, E. Michael
Kneer, Reinhold
Klocke, Fritz
Untersuchung zur Dämmwirkung von Wärmedämm-Materialien mit Infrarot reflektierenden Oberflächen
Journal Article (2013)
Al-Sibai, Faruk
Hillemacher, Bernd
Burghold, E. Michael
Kneer, Reinhold